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Ethereum evolution

Ethereum was launched in 2015 by a russian programmer and since then has gained popularity all around the world thanks to its distinctive structure. It also has a great defensive system offering an idea of safety for its owners. Even though Ethereum is not the second most expensive cryptocurrency on the market, it is the most famous coin after Bitcoin. The price difference the two coins is huge but what is remarkable is the fact that both have very similar evolution.

Their price value keeps increasing and decreasing at the same rate in the same period of time. In december 2017 both Bitcoin and Ethereum surprised the whole world. Whilw Bitcoin was worth over $20,000, Ethereum reached over $1,400. Now after a year of price dropping Ethereum is worth only a little over $100. But just like in the case of Bitcoin, it is predicted that Ethereum will hit and pass the record from 2017.


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