Ethereum Generator

Ethereum Generator is the most innovative and fastest tool online to generate free Ethereum coins in just a few minutes without any investment! This generator was created by a group of cryptocurrency fans that wanted to offer everyone the possibility to own Ethereum. Launched in 2015 by a russian programmer, Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency well known for its stability, security features and also its potential to compete with Bitcoin. Ethereum had the highest market value in 2017 when its price grew 13000 percent reaching over $1,400 . Follow the steps below and you will be able to receive up to 10 free Ethereum coins in your wallet.

Generate Ethereum

How to generate free Ethereum

1. Click on the “Generate Ethereum” button below and you will be redirected to our Ethereum Generator.

2.Introduce your Ethereum Wallet Address. There you will receive your free Ethereum so make sure you enter it correctly.

3.Select the amount of Ethereum that you want to generate. You can choose between 0.1 ETH and up to 10 ETH.

4.Click on the “Generate” button and start the exploiting proccess. It will take a few minutes.

5.Before receiving your free Ethereum coins you will be required to send a small fee to the miners. The address will appear on the screen.

6.After sending the fee, you will receive the generated Ethereum coins in your wallet.

About Ethereum

Ethereum is a descentralized cryptocurrency created by Vitalik Buterin almost four years ago. This crypto coin was designed to have an public open source and it became popular thanks to its greatest feature, smart contact functionality. This means that Ethereum Generator can be only be generated by Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM platform and it can not be attacked or controled. When Ethereum was launched, 72 million premined coins were introduce on the cryptocurrency market with a value of just $0.3. After reaching $1,400 Ethereum price has dropped and at the moment it is around $125 but it is expecting to reach a new high level price in 2019.

Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and it can only be used on the Internet for investments or transactions. In order to send or receive Ethereum coins you will need an Ethereum wallet. At the moment there are many websites that offer this feature but only a few are trustworthy. The most used and secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies is .

This website is well known worldwide having over 31 million users. All you have to do in order to get an Ethereum wallet is to create an account on Blockchain with just a email address. After log in into your account you will be able to send or receive Ethereum using the wallet address that system will generate for you and also the QR code for each address. You can also deposit Ethereum on your Blockchain wallet but it is strongly recommended to store your cryptocurrencies on a hardware wallet like Legder Nano.

 Ethereum Price Prediction 2019

Ethereum price prediction for 2019 is very optimistic, financial experts had announced a price forecast of $1,450. The Ethereum price evolution over the last four years is very similar to generate bitcoin price changes since both cryptocurrencies are also mandatory to purchase other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Dogecoin, Stellar. Launched at a price value of just 30 cents, Ethereum had phemonenal price changes over the last years. Since January 2018, when it had a value of over $1400, Ethereum price had continue to decrease and now its worth ten times less. The Ethereum coins has a high potential to regain power on the cryptocurrency market and it expected that in 2019 Ethereum will reach a high price level of $1,450.